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About me

Hi, I'm Marie. Nice to have you here! This is the first website I coded myself, and what can I say - it was pure fun, so I added coding to my list of hobbies. Right next to dreaming of a world without coriander and trying to live plastic free.

Besides that I enjoy all the hipster stuff that you have to do if you want to be someone in the web, like yoga, film & photography, Iphone and eating colourful stuff. Oh and of course travel. And in some sort also fashion, but not in the sense of trends and shopping, but more of collecting pieces that I hope I will like forever.

At the moment I am based in Brighton (UK) for my Master's in Media Practice for Social Change which will soon be over and render me taskless. Joke, I'm never without task (see my hobbies above).

I have created the Roadmap because I am convinced that there are many easy ways to be slow everyday. Now being slow does not sound very appealing. What it means in this context and why it is important you can read on the right ->

About the Roadmap

Minimalism, zerowaste and sustainability are keywords often used when speaking about slow living. Slow living does not mean you have to stop all hectic activities in your life and move with the pace of a sloth from place to place.

It is more about reflecting what and how you consume and knowing the impact of your purchases for the environment and people. It is about breaking up with habits that might have been there for a long time but actually hurt your health and your planet.

An easy way to understand the concept of slow living is to turn to fashion. Fast fashion in most cases is intransparent and harmful to environment and labourers. Slow fashion would support a transparent supply chain, fair wages and less resource intensive production cycles.

I have started with the categories Food, Fashion and Travel, not because they sound cool, but because everyone eats, dresses and moves from one place to the other. In these three categories, we will find tons of opportunities to become slow and sustainable.

Say hello.

If you have ideas, questions or anything else you would like to share with me, drop me a line.